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At our house we make what we call “sleepy tea” at night. A spoon of Instant CalMag-C in a mug of boiling hot water and a chamomile tea bag with a spoon of honey. Steep for a few few minutes and drink before bed. Part of a lovely sleep ritual”

-CB Johannesburg

“I use Instant Calmag C every day twice a day. I have found that I sleep better and also it helps with tired and aching legs from cycling. I use it in my hydration bottle while racing which makes a big difference and keeps away the cramps”

-NH Johannesburg

“Amazing product put together by LRH. Have been taking this product daily for the past 30years n still sleep like a baby n awake fresh n full of energy”

-AK Durban

 “As a sportswoman I swear by Instant CalMag-C to help me recover and prevent sore muscles. It also helps me sleep well at night and calms my nerves before a race. I highly recommend it”

-MH Johannesburg

Great product, more natural than any other I know. Very easily to assimilate and results on the body show up the next day. EVERYBODY needs the proper mix formula of Calcium and magnesium – so best to take the best!”

– PV, Florida

“When I found that my baby has colic I did not know what to do, I started to use different ways, including giving her special medicines, magnesium, bacteria, but she got worse. So I was gradually increasing the amount of Instant CalMag-C intake and I started to see the progress with my baby, it happened not in one day, but also gradually. So in two weeks from then my baby was all OK!

-OT Russia

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